Army veteran Dr. Ron Huber worked for the Voice of America for twenty-seven years and is working with NASA to build a broadcast facility.  He has a doctor of arts in social and behavioral science from Rockville University. Inspired by his own experience as a ward of the state from ages three to seventeen, he is now a passionate and vocal child-rights advocate.

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"I was one of those abandoned children and was shuffled off from one abusive foster home to another. You may have a chance to read about my life in my book “Facing the World without Love”.

What is it like to live in a dreary world without one measure of love, without a doting mother to put her reassuring arms around you, to comfort you, to protect you, to make your heart thump strongly; without a father to take you to a baseball game or help you with your homework?

My brothers and I knew what it was like to live in such a world.  We were trapped in a torturous world. I was just three years old at the time we were made wards of the state.

I was one of the lucky ones who survived the system but there is over five hundred thousand children every year that are not so lucky."

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